Are you an Authoritative Wood, Passionate Fire,
Caring Earth, Methodical Metal, or Wise Water?
The 8,000 year old Chinese I Ching,
describes that by knowing your Five Element Personality Type, you can:
Strengthen your physical health • Improve your relationships
Restore peace within your mind • Increase your financial health
Experience passion and meaning in your chosen work
In work situations with a group I tend to be:

In my life my perspective about people and things tend to be:

When I am stressed I tend to feel frustrated with:

In my closest relationships I tend to be:

When I am stuck in traffic or dealing with delays I tend to become:

In my intimate personal relationship I tend to be:

When dealing with the world I tend to be:

The following trait that most describes me:

In situations or projects where there are many moving parts I tend to:

If I had a choice at work my temperament is most suited in the position of:

My family has told me that I can be:

When someone asks me for advice I expect that person to:

I am drawn to the color and hues of:

I like living with:

When it comes to organization, you can describe me as:

I have a good sense of:

I am known for my:

My professional and personal interests tend toward:

When I am alone, I am prone to think about:

The season that I look forward to most: